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Pay as you Earn


What is the Pay as you Earn Program?

While it is important to have substantial funds to join the J-1 Internship program, we understand that a little help might come in handy for some candidates. The Pay-as-you-Earn Program is a great option for candidates who do not have all of the funds available upfront. This program lets you pay part of the Program Fees upfront, while you pay the remainder during your training program. This reduces the upfront program fees by almost 45%!


Normally applicants would pay all the program fees upfront. With the Pay-as-you-Earn program you pay part of your fees upfront, and part in the United States. We charge our fees as follows:

  1. Deposit payment: $200 (payable within 2 days after screening interview)

  2. Upfront program fee: $1,705 (payable within 7 days after you have secured your hotel offer)

  3. Monthly fee: $150 (payable for 11 months, first installment due within 15 days after your arrival)

Please note we only offer the Pay-as-you-Earn program for 12 month programs.


Keep in mind you also need to pay the following:

  1. SEVIS fee (I-901 fee): $220 (payable to Department of Homeland Security)

  2. Embassy appointment fee: $160

  3. Flight to United States: depends on your home country, budget between $400 and $1,000

You also need emergency funds to be able to go to the United States. We advice you to have access (in your own bank account or through a guarantor) to $1,200 to $1,500.


Simply submit your online application to get started:

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