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London Housing Guidelines

Finding affordable housing in London can be a time consuming activity. House prices in London have risen enormously over the past years and rent has gone sky high. Most of our students are able to find housing that is affordable, but it might take some time.

To help you, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Don't make any payments without having seen the housing

Most housing require a security deposit before you move in. This deposit can vary, from about 2 weeks rent to 2 months rent. Keep in mind to not make any payments before you have seen the housing and have agreed to a contract.

Average expenditure on rent

The general amount of money you'll spend on money as a percentage of your income will vary from 25% to 40%. Make sure you keep in mind that utilities and taxes might not be included in the rent price.

Flat Sharing

We recommend sharing a flat with someone else. This will keep the cost of your housing lower and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your internship experience in the U.K.

The prices for a flat share in London vary from area to area, but you should be able to find a decent flat share for 500 GBP per month.

Student housing through Training 4 Hospitality

We help you secure your housing when you start your internship with us. We have several resources where you can book housing online that have been safety verified by us.

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