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J-1 Hospitality Program


What is the J-1 Hospitality Program?

The U.S.A. J-1 Hospitality Training Program is a cultural exchange program by the U.S. Department of State, which gives students, recent graduates and young professionals from around the world the opportunity to come to the U.S. and share their culture and ideas with Americans while receiving in-depth Hospitality training in the best hotels and resorts throughout the United States for up to 12 months.

  • Live in the United States for up to 12 months and receive in-depth training in the Food & Beverage or Front Office/Rooms department.

  • Receive hourly pay while undergoing training in Food & Beverage or Front Office.

  • Receive a minimum of 32 hours per week of training.

  • Learn about the U.S. culture and experience a U.S. workplace.

  • Improve your English language skills.

  • Travel through the United States for up to 30 days after your training program has finished.

  • Training 4 Hospitality offers a complete J-1 program. Program fees include your J-1 visa documentation, a fantastic hourly paid position in Food & Beverage or Front Office, insurance premiums, sourcing of housing, preparation for your hotel interview and embassy appointment interview, pre-departure orientation, 24/7 emergency support while you are in the USA and much more!

  • You are currently enrolled in a Hospitality or Culinary degree and your college is recognized by your local government OR

  • You have graduated from a Hospitality or Culinary degree in the past 12 months OR

  • You have graduated from a Hospitality or Culinary degree longer than 12 months ago and have 12 months of full time work experience in the Hospitality industry or Culinary Arts outside the United States OR

  • You have at least 5 years of full time work experience in the Hospitality or Culinary industry


Training 4 Hospitality is very transparant about our program fees so you know exactly what you have to pay before applying for the J-1 Hospitality Program. All fees are listed here:​

  • A deposit of $100 after having a Skype interview with us and being accepted into the J-1 Program

  • For a 6 month program length: $2,395 after you have secured your Hospitality training offer

  • For a 12 month program length: $2,980 after you have secured your Hospitality training offer

  • SEVIS fee: $220

  • Embassy appointment fee: $160

  • Airfare


All Hospitality Training positions are hourly paid. The hourly pay depends on the state you train in and on your previous Hospitality work experience. 

Your hourly pay covers your living expenses and gives you the opportunity to save some money to travel after your Training program ends. The hourly pay for Hospitality Training positions is between $7.25 and $13 per hour. In Food & Beverage you will also receive tips during some parts of your training program.

You have to pay taxes on your pay, which will be withheld automatically by your Host Employer. After your training program ends, you can claim part of these taxes back with the help of Training 4 Hospitality.


We keep the application process as simple as possible for your convenience.​ The average application takes around 3 months to complete, from the moment you apply to the moment your visa is approved. Please find the application steps here:

  1. Submit your application using the online application form or our paper application form.

  2. Have a Skype interview with us. You'll receive an invitation through email within 2 days after submitting your application.

  3. Pay your $100 program deposit and start collecting your J-1 visa documentation.

  4. Review the offer for the Hospitality training position we send you and prepare for your hotel interview.

  5. After a successful hotel interview, sign your hotel offer letter, which explains the position, hourly pay and other important details and pay your remaining program fees.

  6. Send Training 4 Hospitality your J-1 visa documentation so you can be sent the J-1 visa documentation (these are called DS forms).

  7. Prepare for your embassy appointment at your local U.S. embassy to apply for the J-1 visa. We help you prepare for a successful appointment.

  8. Receive proof of your insurance and arrange housing with the help of Training 4 Hospitality. 

  9. Visit the U.S. embassy. After a successful appointment you receive your J-1 visa within a couple of days.

  10. Book your flight and start an amazing adventure in the United States!