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US J1 Internships are a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop candidates professional, cultural,  and leadership skills in an international setting. Having a strong, long term relationship with international Colleges and Universities, is key to this and  a top priority for our team at T4H.


Each T4H Host Organization and training plan is in compliance with the US Department of States J-1 Cultural Exchange Program. This allows us to partner with a US visa sponsor who issue visa paperwork, ensure the training plan is followed  and offer in country program assistance as part of our mediation.

Please feel free to share our latest Program Flyers or view our below information in the Academic Hub or contact our team. 

Training Programs

Our Story

T4H Programs have one main goal: creating confident, independent Hospitality and Culinary professionals, who understand international Hospitality. T4H programs are designed to develop professional, leadership, English language, and communication skills. 


We believe that education, practical experience, communication and cultural exchange are crucial in becoming international Hospitality leaders.

Our mission is to connect Hospitality and Culinary students and graduates from around the world with leading Hospitality businesses, international and US guests and leading Hospitality brand partners in the United States.

Our vision is to offer all interested and motivated  students, gradates and young professionals life changing and rewarding opportunities in the USA to allow them to become the leaders of tomorrow

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