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Resume Creator

Welcome to the Training 4 Hospitality J-1 Resume creator. Once completed along with your T4H profile, our team will have the needed information to arrange a consultation to review your eligibility for the J-1 intern or trainee visa designation and process your application.

The J-1 Resume builder is deigned to allow our team, US Host Hotels and Resorts and our US Visa sponsor to quickly assess  and process your J-1 application. It is important to fully complete each field . Above please find a helpful instructional video on how to complete your USA J1 Resume.

You can save and return ( within 4 weeks) to complete your resume. Once you complete, you can then preview and then submit to our team to review.  


We will email you with a PDF copy of your  T4H J-1 Resume, which you can UPLOAD to arrange your Zoom T4H J1 Consultation, where we will approve your application. You can do this by completing your T4H USA Profile.

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