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Follow our 3 steps to set up your J1 Video Consultation

Video Conference


Make sure we are the right J1 Provider for you

Before applying, each candidate must fully read the following 2024 T4H J-1 Services information in the above button. Failure to do so will result in a declined application.


Fully Updated Professional Resume

Resumes must be in word only and include all education and work experience, with full start and end dates as well as specific responsibilities you held. A short objective statement must also be included and done by only the applicant, ( 3 sentences). Outlining why you want to go to the USA, why you should be picked and what you hope to use your US training experience once you return home.


T4H online Application

Once you have read our service information and completed your Resume your ready to submit your contact information so we can schedule a video consultation 

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