T4H U.S. Program & Online Education Coronavirus COVID-19 Update: April, 2020

HELLO, I hope you are staying safe and keeping that quintessentially positive Hospitality attitude. T4H continue to monitor our International programs during this difficult time and will update you and our other contacts as we learn more information. If you have any direct questions, you can contact us at

+44 121 318 7533

We can also be reached on any of our social media channels at the top of our website.

T4H believe that international exchange programs are an essential part in forming the leaders of tomorrow, connecting countries, people and enhancing cooperation for global solutions to global problems, such as COVID-19.

Please find below, further updates to our USA Internship programs as well as information on our online education courses, which are currently enrolling.

As it is clear our US internships will not be starting until later in 2020, and many of us around the world will remain in lock-down for several months. T4H have partnered with the Alpine Center, the Swiss Business School for International Hotel & Tourism Management to offer online educational courses.

All courses follow the curriculum of the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and are focused on management in the Hospitality industry.

All courses are taken online and can be fully completed from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Training 4 Hospitality do not charge participants any fees for our advisory and enrolment services for education courses.

Cultural Exchange J-1 Intern and Trainee Program Update

Our primary focus are the safety and support of our participants, and wherever possible, allowing them to complete their exchange programs. However, whether it is the impact on businesses around the world, border closures, or embassy appointment availability – it is clear that the global health landscape will continue to be unpredictable in the short term, and the full implications are not yet clear.

Our US Host companies and sponsors refer to the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory and Centers for Disease Control warning level alerts, as well as World Health Organization advice, when evaluating programs in terms of the safety of our participants and host communities. We are tracking this issue closely and will keep affected parties swiftly informed of any changes.

T4H and our US partners stay committed to continue to promote international J-1 programs, to bring the world together, one exchange visitor at a time.

Participants currently in the U.S.

Programs already in place may continue as planned. T4H recommends exchange visitors stay in touch with us and informed on their home country government’s requirements, as well as local health and safety guidance, and make choices that are best for their specific circumstances. T4H Participants should contact T4H directly at +44 121 318 7533 to alert us of any difficulties completing their program as planned or returning home.

Prospective Participants

Currently, there is a lock down in the USA in both state and federal jurisdictions. As soon as they are lifted T4H will continue to process any J-1 candidates that have already applied.

However, we are acutely aware the end date of the lock down will most likely be extended for some parts of the United States at least. Besides this, the Hospitality industry that we specialize in has been particularly hit and we do not expect to start new programs (in addition to our current participants) until September 2020.

Based on so many unknowns, T4H will continue to keep all program dates under review and will update you on any changes to these dates.

Education Programs Update

Bachelor and Master’s Degree programs

New applicants for courses in the UK, Switzerland and Greece are currently on hold, due to lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Once these are lifted we will continue to recruit for the next terms.

Online Programs

Due to the nature of our online programs with the Swiss Alpine Center, the following programs remain unaffected.

Enrolments continue throughout the year and are ideal for both undergraduates and graduates, looking to gain more in-depth knowledge into Hospitality management for the following online courses:-

Hospitality Specialization Programs

The Hospitality Specialization Programs are a number of specialization areas in the Hospitality industry. Every specialization course consists of a series of 5 courses who want to further specialize in a field of the Hospitality industry. These courses are especially suitable for students who wish to enter the management field of a department and need further certification to do so.

Hospitality Management Diploma

The Hospitality Management Diploma consists of a series of 12 courses for prospective students who are looking to build a solid foundation in the management of operations within the Hospitality industry. The courses focus on subjects that give students a comprehensive overview of the specific areas needed to succeed in managing a hospitality operation.  ​

Hospitality Operations Certificate

The Hospitality Operations Certificate consists of a series of 8 courses for prospective students who to build a solid foundation for the management of operations within the Hospitality industry. The courses focus on subjects that give students a solid foundation in lodging properties with a focus on rooms division, food and beverage competencies, finance, sales, marketing and supervisory skills

Hospitality Fundamentals Program

The Hospitality Fundamentals Program consists of a series of 6 courses for prospective students who are just starting out in the Hospitality industry. The courses focus on subjects that give students a solid foundation in lodging properties with a focus on rooms division, food and beverage competencies and supervisory skills.

You can contact our Advisory team @

+44 121 318 7533


Our Educational Testimonials

Alpine Center: a solid ground to take off towards hospitality management.
 A big advantage of studying on the Swiss Alpine Center program at City Unity Education Group is the fact that one must complete two internships in luxury hotels in two years. 
 I had the opportunity to do both of my internships at the Athenaeum InterContinental in Athens where I worked in different departments and while finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I got accepted in their Management Training program. 
 Continuing my professional journey, I went to Sofitel Athens Airport, then Sofitel Legend The Grand in Amsterdam and currently in the Conferences & Events Sales of Hilton Amsterdam. 
 Building a strong academic base which also gives you the benefit of doing an internship within an international framework, can open a whole new world of opportunities.
 When it comes to investing in education, studying in an environment where everything runs as smoothly and accurately as the hands of a Swiss watch, Alpine Center is the place to be:
 Well-structured curricula with a caring Faculty that carry a strong professional background and provide you with the necessary guidelines to cultivate your skills and knowledge to succeed.
 I graduated with a Swiss Alpine Center and a University of Wales BA(Hons) International Hospitality & Tourism Management in 2013

My name is  Sandra Preye Nelson Charpidou.  I come from Nigeria but I live in Greece since my husband comes from this beautiful country.  Three years ago, I decided to change careers and embark on one in the prosperous tourism industry since Greece was and is still undergoing a huge growth, offering great career opportunities.
I joined Alpine Center, the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management that offers its programs at City Unity Education Group.  The program of study is so comprehensive that now at the end of my studies I can’t just believe how much I have learned about the details that are so important and make a difference in a successful hotel operation. Besides learning about the various departments as Front Office, Food & Beverage, Culinary concepts, the business component taught me how to manage a profitable hotel.  Finance for managers, human resources management, sales and marketing, research, entrepreneurship and business planning including the strategic business project all equipped me with so many skills that I am now so eager to put into practice and build my career!  Thank you Alpine for your tender loving care! 
Thank you, Mrs Hofmann, for encouraging me and mentoring me all through these three years. I am so privileged to be a graduate of Alpine/City Unity College where I also studied on the Cardiff Metropolitan Bachelor’s degree.  I will make you all very proud!

My name is Roman Chashka and I am from Ukraine.  I was interested in studying hotel management but was unable to attend a program of study on campus!  My next best option was to study online.  I enrolled on the 12 course Hospitality Management Diploma offered by Alpine Center in collaboration with their partner AHLEI. 
I took control of my professional development and studied at my own pace and on my own schedule. Two years later I am so pleased to have learned so much and have earned the prestigious awards from both Alpine & AHLEI.  I immediately received an offer to be placed in the hotel industry by the Career and Placement office of Alpine which I appreciated.
If you are interested in embarking on a career in hotel management, Alpine Center will be an excellent springboard for the start of your career!

My name is Samer Al-Kantar and I am a proud graduate of the Alpine Centre, the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management.   Being from Lebanon,  I chose to study at this Swiss school’s campus located in Greece.
I specialized in the Rooms Division Department and between 1998 and 2012 I had the great pleasure to work in big chain hotels such as the Marriott, Intercontinental, Rotana, Hyatt, Sheraton & Movenpick Hotels & Resorts in the Middle East and United Arab Emirates.  I started as a supervisor and made my way up to top management as Executive Housekeeper reporting to the Executive Committee and was responsible for new hotel openings.
After this fruitful experience, I was eager to widen my horizons and explore greater opportunities! I advanced into Facilities Management including Operations & Maintenance at King Abdullah Port, one of the leading ports in the wo