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#J1jargon: What is a US Host Organization/ Property?

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Hello everyone, just a quick but important blog today: Host Organizations also known as a Host Properties.

Each year, thousands of families, businesses, schools and communities across the United States welcome international students and visitors into their homes, schools and businesses. That person-to-person interaction, exemplifying citizen diplomacy, ensures that Americans and international visitors learn about each other’s culture and way of life.*

All of these groups are Host Organizations/families and along with the J-1 Sponsor/agent ensure your Internship training plan ( DS-7002) is implemented and the goals of the program/your training are achieved.

Our company works with Resorts and Hotels, as our Host Organizations. This is because we focus on J-1 interns and Trainees in Hospitality.

For our specific J-1 program we outline the following responsibilities to Host Organizations who we work together with, to offer the following:

  1. Create and ensure you follow a structured J-1 Training Plan that meets your internship and J-1 requirements, while at the same time contributing to the success and diversity of the Host Organization and its team.

  2. Your training plan will have instructors (Hotel Department Managers) who mentor and supervise you during that section of training and are knowledgeable and experienced to maintain high level training standards.

  3. Host Organizations arrange a program with your J-1 agent/sponsor to ensure you have local, safe and affordable housing.

  4. Host Organizations guarantee 32 hours of training per week; with a competitive hourly rate to help cover your living costs.

  5. Host Organizations aren't just employers; they are US ambassadors, promoting US culture to international students through daily life, team events, working as a team and introducing America to you! At the same time your team at the Host Organization learns about your culture, language, food and traditions. This helps the Host Organization to be prepared for international visitors and international exchanges!


US Host Organizations are each unique and will all have different types of training, training hours, company cultures and locations. Each Host Organization will therefore offer a unique and fantastic experience to its interns and trainees!

When reviewing a Host Property, it's sometimes easy to just accept a big name or a specific city, however this does not always equal a perfect internship.

Make sure you read the training plan ( DS-7002), this is one of the most important documents to assess and review your internship program in advance .

It is important to get to know the resort, do the full research online and ask as many suitable questions as you can during and after the interview to ensure you are the perfect match for them, as much as the Host Property is for you!

Source. US Department of State

See you in our next blog #J-1Jargon: Training Plan (DS-7002)

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