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#J1jargon: What is a DS-7002 (Training Plan)?

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Hello everyone, today we are discussing DS 7002

Some people also refer to this as the Training Plan/Internship Placement Plan.

The more detailed DS-7002's are, the better (see tips below). It will outline, what the participants will be taught, doing and the skills they will be contributing on a day to day basis, at the Host Organization.

The DS-7002:-

  1. Primary aim, is to help Host Organizations and Participants understand what is expected and the objectives from all parties, during the internship.

  2. Is a signed agreement between these two parties and required by the U.S. Department of State, as an essential part of the J-1 Intern and Trainee Program.

  3. Will outline all objectives and what participants will be doing and learning, throughout their time at the Host Organization. It will not just set out the training, but what the goals of the program are.

  4. Outlines how performance will be assessed and measured.

  5. It is very important as a Cultural Exchange Program, that Host Organizations also outline, how it will promote cultural exchange during the internship.

  6. Is designed for participants specific experience, to ensure participants training is not duplicated.

'Training Phases'

A DS-7002 will outline your training in 'training phases', and set objectives and goals which will be assessed and measured. A DS-7002 will have a number of training phases, depending on the length of your program and host property. For more in depth or longer periods of training, it would require more training phases.


PARTICIPANTS: Make sure you always read the training plan ( DS-7002), this is one of the most important documents to assess and review your internship program in advance. Anyone can get a great location and Host Organization,but matching the right training for your specific background and goals, is always something unique. So be sure to fully research this form and your training in general before signing.

HOST ORGANIZATIONS: Training plans are not just beneficial for participants, they are a very simple but great way to plan for success and allow participants to see how great their time at your Host Organization will be.

As a former Resort Manager, overseeing J-1 participants and working with many colleagues and now clients. Operations managers are always motivated to plan, measure and assess participants development. Cultural Exchange programs add a multicultural and dynamic way of thinking, and the DS-7002 adds the required structure to the internship. J-1 programs also bring huge energy and fresh perspectives to departments!

Source. US Department of State

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