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#J1jargon: What is a DS-7002 (Training Plan)?

Updated: 6 days ago

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Hello, everyone. Today we will be discussing the DS-7002, also known as the Training Plan/Internship Placement Plan.

A comprehensive DS-7002 form is extremely beneficial for all parties involved (refer to tips below). It delineates the training topics, skills to be gained, instructional methods, cultural aims, and the experienced supervisor overseeing the training stages at the Host Organization.

The DS-7002 fulfills the following objectives:

  1. It aims to clarify expectations and objectives for Host Organizations and Participants throughout the internship.

  2. It is a required agreement between the parties, mandated by the U.S. Department of State for the J-1 Intern and Trainee Program.

  3. It specifies the aims, tasks, and targets for participants at the Host Organization, emphasizing the distinctiveness of the training program.

  4. It details the evaluation and assessment of performance.

  5. It stresses the significance of fostering cultural exchange within the internship program.

  6. It ensures that the training is customized to the participant's specific background, preventing redundancy.

  7. It is intended to demonstrate a clear structured progression for the candidate in skill development, cultural exchange, and leadership objectives as they advance through the plan.

'Training Phases'

The DS-7002 divides the training into 'training phases', with defined objectives and goals for evaluation. The number of training phases varies depending on the program's length and host property.

Examples of rotations that may be provided to candidates include:

Hospitality: Front Desk - Reservations - PBX - Guest Services/Concierge

Food and Beverage: Outlet Operations - Room Service - Banqueting department

Culinary Arts: Culinary Operations - Garde Manger - Banquets - Kitchen leadership


PARTICIPANTS: Prior to signing, carefully review the DS-7002 to thoroughly evaluate your internship program and ensure it aligns with your background and objectives.

HOST ORGANIZATIONS: Training plans not only benefit participants but also keep them on track and help identify strengths for a successful internship. Highlight the advantages of your training program to showcase the experience at your Host Organization.

Having previously served as a Resort Manager, overseeing J-1 participants and collaborating with numerous colleagues and now clients. Operations managers in Hospitality are consistently driven to plan, measure, and evaluate participants' development to maximize their potential. Cultural Exchange programs introduce a multicultural and dynamic thought process, benefiting not only J-1 interns and trainees but also having positive impacts on the entire Host team. The DS-7002 provides the necessary structure and a means to gauge the success of the internship. J-1 programs also inject significant energy and fresh perspectives into departments!

Source. US Department of State

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