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The Importance of Building a Great CV

When applying for an internship or job, nothing is more important than having a great looking CV. Research done by The Ladders in 2012 shows the average time a recruiter spends looking at a CV is 6 seconds, before they make the 'qualified or not qualified' decision.

But what do recruiters look at? And how can you make sure your C.V. stands out?

Be Brief!

A five page C.V. is just not done. It takes way too much effort for any recruiter to read all this information. Research shows recruiters look at:

  • Your name

  • Your current occupation and job role

  • Start and end dates of current position

  • Previous work experience

The two C.V.'s below show a heat map of the average recruiters eye movements.

Heat Map of two C.V.'s

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points are a handy way to get a medium amount of information across in an efficient way. When you are writing about your daily tasks and duties when describing work experience you should use bullet points.

Example how NOT to describe work experience:

My daily tasks and duties at company X are cleaning tables, serving guests, collaborating with manager on duty to arrange seating, front of house staff training.

Example how you should describe your work experience:

My daily tasks and duties are:

  • Cleaning tables

  • Serving guests in a quick and friendly manner

  • Made seating charts with manager on duty

  • Involved in giving training to new food servers

Know what you're applying for

Reading a description of an internship or job doesn't take too much of your time away. It's important you know what you're applying for so you can make relevant changes in your C.V. which benefit a specific application. You can also refer to the job description in your cover letter.

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