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As part of our program fee we offer housing options. There are several types of housing we offer, depending on the area and the type of placement offered to you. One thing is 100% certain, and that is the security of knowing where you will be staying during your USA J-1Internship Program before you leave your home country.

There are a couple of standards we maintain when it comes to housing:

  • Housing is shared with other candidates

  • Housing is always shared with people of the same gender

  • Housing is affordable in line with your hourly compensation

  • Housing is within a reasonable distance to the Host Organization

Please note that you have to pay rent for your housing. The candidate is responsible for all rent payments, but Training 4 Hospitality makes sure the housing is affordable and close to the hotel.


Several types of housing are offered, but the type of housing depends on your internship location, your host property and the availability in the local area.

Housing is arranged by the Host Property: some positions offer housing in the hotel, or in an apartment complex nearby the hotel. The hotel usually has an arrangement in place, and the rent for your housing will be deducted from your paycheck. Housing is shared with other candidates at the same Host Property.

Housing is not arranged by the Host Property, but they give options: the hotel doesn't have an agreement with an apartment complex nearby, but does have contacts in the vicinity of the hotel. Training 4 Hospitality will, in these cases, contact the party that arranges the housing for you, but you are ultimately responsible for signing the lease. The housing usually consists of shared apartments with Americans or other interns.

Training 4 Hospitality arranges housing options: if the Host Property does not have any housing options, Training 4 Hospitality offers you housing sources that are affordable and close to your Host Property. We help you get in contact with the party that offers housing, but you are responsible for signing the lease.

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