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The J-1 Intern Visa. What you can and can't do!

We often get questions from applicants for the U.S.A. J-1 Internship Program about the details of the J-1 Intern visa. What are you allowed to do? And what are you not allowed to do? Can you extend the visa? And can I apply for multiple J-1 Internships? Keep reading, because your question might get answered!

Maximum Duration of the J-1 Intern Visa

The confusing thing about the J-1 visa is that there are different durations. The maximum duration of the J-1 Intern visa in any field is 12 months. For the Hospitality industry the maximum duration of the J-1 Internship Program is also 12 months. The J-1 Internship visa can't be extended.

Can I apply for a second J-1 Internship?

The short answer is yes. But there are restrictions on applying for a second J-1 Internship. In order for you to return on the internship program, your new training plan must show how the program will allow for development of more advanced skills or skills in a different field of expertise. To return on the internship program, must still be eligible for the J-1 Intern visa. If you are not eligible for the J-1 Intern visa anymore, we might be able to help you with a J-1 Trainee visa.

In which field of expertise can I do my internship?

Most fields is allowed (from agriculture to law, and from education to hospitality). Training 4 Hospitality only offers internships in the Hospitality industry, but internships in other fields are available through other companies. Applicants are not allowed to train in:

  • Unskilled or casual labor positions

  • Positions that involve child or elder care

  • Positions that require providing therapy, clinical care, or patient care/patient contact

  • Positions that involve more than 20 percent clerical work

  • Positions that are counter service or fast food

Can I change my internship once I am in the United States?

You are only able to change your internship in extreme circumstances. Your Host Property in the United States has to sign off on your early departure and changes to your program have to be approved by your visa sponsor.

Can I have a second job during my J-1 Intern Program?

No, second jobs are not allowed. Taking on a second job leads to the immediate termination of your J-1 visa. This means you have to return to your home country immediately.

What is the Grace Period?

The Grace Period is the period after your J-1 Intern Program ends (the end date on your DS2019 form). The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services allows J-1 Interns to travel for 30 days to further discover the United States after their program ends.

Do you have any other questions, then why not get in touch? Or check out our J-1 Internship Program!

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