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Sharing your J-1 experience with friends and colleagues is the best marketing we can get. If your friend applies and starts a T4H US program we want to say a big thank you , to you the referrer.
 You will be rewarded with $150 per referral &
Your friend will also have a $50 program fee discount 
After reading our Program information, your friend can submit their information to take part in a J-1 Video Consultation to confirm their USA application. This can be done either with a T4H Resume and profile or a J-1 USA Application, both outlined below. In both these forms they have the option to confirm you as the person who referred them (referrer). 

Create T4H J1 Resume & Submit T4H Profile 
Modern Laptop
Full T4H J-1 Application &
Your own J1 Resume
Curriculum Vitae
Once your friends J-1 Program begins, we will then contact the referrer (you) through email so we know where to transfer your referral reward. We transfer the referral reward to your local bank account within 30 days of your friends start date in the USA. 
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